Two part report I’ve layouted for a project called Jobbskaparna.

“Entrepreneurs feel proud to be job creators and contribute to problem solving and positive development in society. It is evident from the new report Job Part 1: Pride and Abilities. 4 of 5 new jobs in Sweden are created in companies with fewer than 50 employees. It is these companies that are the engine of the economy, they contribute to our common welfare and create employment for people around the country. The entrepreneurs who run these companies are thus Sweden’s foremost job creators. At the same time, it is apparent from the companies’ annual Small Business Barometer that the difficulty in finding the right skills is the biggest growth barrier for business owners – a growing obstacle that threatens the business cycle. The lack of skills causes Sweden to lose job creation, growth and increased welfare.”

Client: Företagarna
Date: 2016-04-06
Services: Design, Layout, Print