Årets Företagare

Årets Företagare i Sverige (Entrepreneur of the year) are the most prestigious award ceremony. The award has a long history and is distributed at local, regional and national level. All candidates are carefully reviewed and our partner UC checks that the measurable criteria are met. Association may appoint entrepreneurs who have activities in the municipality. The seat may be in another municipality. However, the same entrepreneur may not be appointed in more than one municipality during the same year. Local winners move on to a regional finale whose winners are selected at different occasions for one year, from autumn to next fall. They, in turn, compete to be the Entrepreneur of the year in Sweden on the gallows that owns in October in the City Hall in Stockholm. As an Entrepreneur of the year winner at the national level, you can expect mass media throughput, increased business opportunities and, if you do not have it before, a membership of the Entrepreneurs with all our benefits as a bonus.

I worked with both digital and print whereas the print consisted of the programme broschure, table map, note cards, namecards, designed powerpoint presentations.

Client: Företagarna
Services: Design, Layout, Print